Special Programs Subcommittee


o Shannon Richards - Chair
o David Garnett – After School
o Brian Smith – Admin.
o Carrie Brooks – Admin.
o Michelle Van Leuven - Community
o Holly Monson - Para
o Marianne Sletteland - Certified
o Molly Hierschbiel - MEA
Jon Meyer - Community
o Cory Voss – Certified
o Lindsay Wagner – Certified
o Teri Summers – Admin.

“Each student in the hybrid model will receive two days of in-person instruction on campus with three days of distance learning. Students in the online model will receive their core instruction remotely with the opportunity to receive special education and related services.  For students whose needs cannot be met with the hybrid or online models, IEP teams will develop other individual learning options.  Please contact your student’s special education teacher if you have concerns about your student’s educational model.”