Prevention Programs

The goal of Moscow School Districts' prevention programs is to collaborate district wide with students and staff to offer support and resources to improve students' academic success and overall school climate while encouraging students to choose a lifestyle free from violence and substance abuse. Goals include:

  • Reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, and other drugs by Moscow area youth
  • Contribute to the development of a school climate that is safe and supportive for all students
  • Collaborate with staff across the district to offer resources and support for prevention programs
  • Provide opportunities that support students' intellectual, social, and personal development

Here is a list of some general prevention programs that we have:

  • The Moscow Mentor Program
  • CORE Programs (6th grade PRIDE, 8th grade Leaders, 8th grade CORE)
  • SpeakOut Club
  • Idaho Healthy Youth Survey
  • CAT
  • Newbill Safety Fair
  • National Prevention Week
  • Classroom Education Visit
  • Prevention Support Committee

We are actively looking for members for:  
Prevention Support Committee
The Moscow Mentor Program

Please contact Mandy Strey, Prevention Coordinator at 892-1119 or [email protected] if you have any questions about prevention activities in the Moscow School District or are interested in getting involved with some of our programs.