Parent/Guardian Expectations of the Adventure Club

  • Children are cared for in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Parents/Guardians may visit with the staff about concerns related to their children or the program.
  • Parents/Guardians are informed about any misbehavior on the part of their children, and will be able to conference with the staff in order to bring about improvement of the situation.
  • Parents/Guardians are informed promptly if their children do not arrive at the program according to their enrollment information.
  • The staff regularly announces program activities.

The Adventure Club’s Expectations of Parents/Guardians

  • Pay fees on time.
  • Keep enrollment records up-to-date.
  • Pick up children on time.
  • Follow the health policy.
  • Contact the staff if their children will not be attending on a scheduled day.
  • Pay attention to any communications from staff regarding their children’s behavior, and cooperate in efforts to bring about improvement in the situation.

Children’s Expectations of the Program

  • To have a safe, supportive, and consistent environment.
  • To use all program equipment, materials, and facilities on an equal basis.
  • To receive respectful treatment from other children and staff.
  • To have discipline that is fair and non-punitive.
  • To receive nurturing care from staff who are actively involved with them.
  • To be able to participate in interesting, developmentally appropriate activities.
  • To be able to choose, whenever possible, from a variety of activities.

Program’s Expectations of the Children

  • Responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Respect the rules that guide them during the day and while at the program.
  • Remain with the group and program staff at all times.
  • Take care of materials and equipment properly, returning them when done.
  • Arrive at Adventure Club promptly, according to enrollment information.
  • Refrain from physical or emotional harm to others and themselves.