Moscow Mentors

Mission Statement

The Moscow Mentor Program strengthens our community by
promoting nurturing friendships between youth and responsible
caring adults. Mentors provide guidance and support as these youth
pursue personal, family and academic dreams.

Why a Mentoring Program?

To children, mentoring means having a trusted friend who cares about them and listens to them, a role model they can look up to, who will help them achieve their dreams. The need and demand for mentors is high because mentoring works:

Improved School Attendance
Students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% less likely to skip a class. (Public/Private Ventures study of Big Brothers/Big Sisters)

Support of Positive Behavior
Youth who meet regularly with their mentors are 45% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs and 27% less likely to start drinking. They are one-third less likely to hit someone. (Public Private Ventures of Big Brothers. Big Sisters)

Classroom Participation
Mentoring reduces classroom behavioral problems by 30% and low class participation dropped 18%. (USAA Mentor and Junior Achievement Program)

Academic Achievement
95% of participants in Chicago’s mentoring program - Midtown Educational Foundation (MEF) inner-city minority students graduate from high school, whereas 49% of their unmentored peers drop out. 65% of MEF students go on to college, whereas 14% of their peers do. 86% of the students in Proctor & Gamble’s mentoring program go on to college. (The Center of Retailing Studies, Texas A&M University; Procter & Gamble study of its program in Cincinnati)

Become a Moscow School District Volunteer Mentor.

For more information about the Moscow Mentor program please contact Mandy Strey at 829-1119 or [email protected]