Open Enrollment

Per Idaho Code 33-1401 to 1410 (Transfer of Pupils) and Moscow School District Board Policies 5021.00 (Enrollment and Placement Requirements); 5021.10 (Out-of-District Transfers); 5021.20 (In-District); and 5022.00 (Admission Process), the District will accept applications through the Open Enrollment program  for students to attend school in the Moscow School District, whether the student resides in a different zone or out of the district.

To request an in-district transfer to a school outside of the designated school zone or from outside of the district, an Open Enrollment Application is required for each student. Please download the application (located on the left side of this page), fill it out, and email it to Angie Packard at [email protected]. For out of district students, grades 1-12, a report card or transcript must be submitted with the application.

Any applications submitted for the current year will be accepted until December 1 and will be put on a waiting list if there is not room at the requested school or any other school.

New applications (both in and out of district) for the next school year must be submitted by February 1 and can be submitted beginning September 15. However, no decision on placement will be made prior to the February 1 deadline. Any applications received after that date will be placed on a waiting list to be utilized during the following school year in the event there are openings.

An Intent to Return Form (located on the left side of this page) is required to be filled out once a student has been placed per the open enrollment process. The form is due by February 1. The form will need to be emailed to Angie Packard at [email protected].