About Us and Policies

MSD Elementary Library Media Center Information

Teacher Librarian - Faye Nagler
Office: Lena Whitmore Elementary School
Office phone: 208-882-2621
Email: [email protected]

A.B. McDonald Elementary Library
Library Media Aide - Jeanne Sanford, 208-882-0228
Lena Whitmore Elementary Library
Library Media Aide- Rachel Marone, 208-882-2612
Russell Elementary Library
Library Media Aide - Britt Heisel, 208-882-2715
West Park Elementary Library
Library Media Aide - Anita Thorsteinson, 208-882-2714

The Moscow Elementary Libraries directly serves students in grades K-5, teachers, and staff. Students have access to a wide variety of traditional and digital resources with reading levels ranging from 0.5 through 10+. The library program is an integral part of the curriculum and supports the district goal of student achievement. The primary goal of The MSD Elementary Library Media Centers is to ensure that we provide our students and staff with the tools and resources necessary to become effective users of ideas and information, and lifelong readers and learners.


Moscow School District Library Media Services' mission is to lead our learning community by fostering 21st century literacy in an environment that challenges students to imagine possibilities, explore opportunities, and connect with the future and the world.


Moscow School District Library Media Services envisions a program where students will attain knowledge and skills to become accomplished readers, independent learners, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and informed citizens through the expertise of school librarians in collaboration with classroom teachers, using the resources and services provided by Moscow School District.

Objectives of the Elementary Library Program

  • To help students and staff with their informational and research needs.
  • To help students develop effective information literacy skills.
  • To encourage all students to become lifelong learners
  • To teach mini-lessons that are relevant to current curriculum requirements.
  • To generate, print, and distribute overdue and hold notices.
  • To build and maintain a user-friendly Library Website.
  • To compile and print bibliographies for staff.
  • To assess and maintain a traditional and electronic curriculum based collection.
  • To plan and coordinate library programs that encourage the use of the library and nurture a love of reading.
  • To provide inter-library loans for students and staff.
  • To ensure all library users are effective users of information.


  • Students are responsible for books and materials they have borrowed.
  • Students in Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade may check out 2 books at a time and up to three books a week, provided he or she has no missing or overdue books.
  • Students in 2nd to 5th Grade may check out 3 books at a time and up to 5 books per week, provided he or she has no missing or overdue books. Additional books may be checked out as approved by library staff and teachers as needed for additional reading and research.
  • Books are checked out for one week with additional option to renew, students must bring any library material with them to renew. Books can be renewed only once if another student has placed a hold waiting on the book in question.
  • Some reference materials must be retained in school and returned within 24 hours.
  • Parent or guardian consent may be required prior to check out of reading level,  replacement costs and other library resources.

Note: *Students with lost materials or who have returned damaged books that are beyond repair will have restrictions placed on their accounts. They need to pay the cost of the missing or damaged item before their accounts are cleared, or work with library staff on a per case basis to clear accounts.

Facilities Use Policy

  • ALL school rules apply in the library.
  • There is NO food and drink allowed without prior approval. Food trash should be removed after the event to minimize the spread of insects which can damage books.
  • Please respect the library space and displays and everyone in it.
  • NO running or horseplay is allowed.
  • DO NOT touch books on shelves.
  • Only staff with library accounts can access books after hours.
  • Any furniture moved should be returned to its original position.
  • Do not remove or move any floor marking/sit spots.
  •  Office supplies are the property of the school library and not for general use. The circulation desk area contains personal supplies, we ask that all library users replace materials missing after their use.
  •  Users are responsible for providing adequate supervision of minors.
  •  Doors should be closed and locked.
  •  Before and after photos will be collected for review of after-hours events.
Electronic Access

Using the Destiny catalog from Home

Or…from our Library home page, https://msd281.org/district_schools/district_libraries/elementary_libraries/, click on the large Follett Destiny Icon. Select your particular School Library from the list. You can also look at the library catalogs for other schools in our district. We can borrow books from any Moscow School Library - just ask Ms. Nagler or your school's Library Media Aide to make the request for you.

Using Destiny and Destiny Research Links

To access approved research links appropriate for Grades K to 5, visit the Home Page within the Destiny Collection. For the school catalog collection click on the catalog tab near the top of the Destiny screen.