3750.00 | Creation, Purpose, and Maintenance of Bond Account

Payment of principal and interest due on bonds shall be made by the District from an account (the “bond account”) established under the resolution(s) authorizing bonds (“bond resolution(s)”). As required by the bond resolution, the bond account shall be maintained separate and apart from any other accounts of the District. A separate subaccount under the bond account shall be established for each series of bonds. All bond tax receipts and bond levy subsidy payments, hereinafter defined, shall be credited to the bond account separate and apart from the funds for the payment of principal or interest on any other series of bonds, and separate and apart from any non-bond levy revenues of the District, as hereinafter defined.

The bond account shall be monitored by the District’s Business Manager. Unless otherwise provided by Board resolutions, agreements entered into in connection with the issuance of bonds, or any tax certificate with respect thereto, the Business Manager shall maintain records and shall prepare regular, periodic statements regarding the investments, deposits, and disbursements involving funds held in the bond account.