3751.00 | Definitions

  1. "Bond Guaranty Programs" mean collectively the program of the State of Idaho pursuant to the Idaho School Bond Guaranty Act, Title 33, Chapter 7, Idaho Code.
  2. Bond Levy Subsidy Payments" mean subsidy payments received by the District from the State of Idaho bond levy equalization fund under Idaho Codes 33-906, 33-906A, and 33-906B. Idaho Code or any successor provision.
  3. “Bond Tax Receipts” mean funds derived from the District’s general obligation bond levy under the applicable Bond Resolution, levied, assessed, certified, extended, and collected by the District or on behalf of the District by the county or counties annually at the time when and in the manner in which other general taxes of the District are levied, upon all the taxable property within the limits of the District, in addition to all other authorized taxes and assessments in the amount specified by Idaho Codes 33-802 and 33-802A.
  4. “Investment Securities” mean such investments as shall be legal investments for such funds under Idaho law as then in effect.
  5. “Non-Bond Levy Revenues” mean revenues, including but not limited to, property tax revenues and operating levy property tax revenues, State funds in replacement of property tax revenues, sales tax revenue sharing funds, or other funds collected on the District’s behalf by the County and then disbursed to the District.