5000.01.02 | Petition to Restore Credit when Credit Loss is Due to Truancy

After a student has been notified that credit has been withheld, he/she may file a petition requesting a waiver of the attendance policy in order that credit may be granted. Such petition shall be filed with the building principal within 10 school days of the notice of loss of credit. The building principal shall notify parents and the student of a time for a review hearing to be held within 10 school days of the receipt of the petition. The building principal, after hearing the petition, may request information from other school personnel and then shall approve or deny the petition for waiver. A second withholding of credit due to excessive absences in the same semester shall be handled in a like manner except that the building principal may establish additional conditions for the reinstating of credit. Credit shall remain withheld until the completion of the semester at which time the building principal shall approve or deny the petition. (4-27-16)