5052.00 | Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse Prevention

The District, recognizing the dangerous effects of alcohol and/or other drug abuse and the fact that chemical dependency frequently results in use and/or abuse, provides drug and alcohol education in the elementary, middle, and high school programs. Education and prevention programs cover the illegal, social and health consequences of drug and alcohol use. Refusal skills or techniques for resisting peer pressure to use illicit drugs or alcohol are also presented in the drug/alcohol education program. (8-28-12)

Besides providing education, assistance and support for students affected by chemical dependency or other related problems, the District prohibits the possession, manufacture, distribution, use or sale of drugs or alcoholic beverages by students in school or at school sponsored events. Any violation may result in suspension or expulsion. Suspension and/or expulsion may be modified if the student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) consent to have a substance abuse evaluation, at the student's expense, by an agreed upon agency. The health care recommendation of the evaluation must be followed if the student is to remain in school, in which case, disciplinary action may be modified. (3-26-02)