5068.05 Mandatory Reprters

The District has classified all employees as mandatory reporters of any knowledge they have that a member of the district community experienced sex or gender-based harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation. Accordingly, all district employees must promptly report actual or suspected sex and gender-based harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation to the Title IX Coordinator. District employees must share with the Title IX Coordinator all known details of a report made to them in the course of their employment, as well as all details of behaviors under this policy that they observe or have knowledge of. Failure of a district employee to report an incident of sex or gender-based harassment, discrimination, or retaliation to the Title IX Coordinator of which they become aware is a violation of this policy and can be subject to disciplinary action for failure to comply.

In addition, district employees must also report allegations of suspected child abuse and/or neglect to either law enforcement or the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as described in Policy Section 5160-5169(Revised 11/18/2020)