5159.20 | Conduct of Employees Directed Toward Students

The use of any form of restraint or seclusion as defined in this policy is prohibited unless the employee is appropriately trained per Policy 5159.30 and there is a reasonable belief that the conduct of the student has placed the student, the employee, or any other individual in imminent danger of serious bodily harm.

The employee or any employee who is a witness to this event shall immediately seek out the assistance of the school’s administration or, if such administrator is not available, a certificated or classified employee with special training in seclusion and restraint, if available. Upon the arrival of such individual, the administrator or if no administrator is available, the most senior trained individual on seclusion or restraint shall take control over the situation. Additionally, an employee trained in CPR and Basic First Aid must be present if restraint is to be used.

 Seclusion or restraint of a student shall immediately be terminated when it is determined the student:

  • no longer is an immediate danger to him/herself or to any other third person
  • is exhibiting extreme distress 
  • is in custody of appropriate administrative personnel
  • is in custody of their parent/legal guardian

 Regardless of employee training status, no District personnel shall use any form of aversive technique against any school student. 

If a situation occurs, where a properly trained District employee must use acts of restraint or seclusion against a school student, the following shall occur:                       

  1. The employee shall immediately, following the incident, report to their building principal, in writing, the following information:
    1. The dates the event occurred;
    2. The circumstances leading to the event;
    3. The student involved; and
    4. Other witnesses or participants to the event.
  2. The building principal shall notify the Superintendent’s office of the event, providing the Superintendent’s office with a copy of the report of events.
  3. The building principal shall ascertain if any of the school’s video equipment captured the event on a recording. If such event was captured, the principal shall take all best efforts to maintain a copy of the recording and provide such to the Superintendent’s office for the Superintendent’s official records of the event
  4. The Superintendent or designee shall ascertain the special needs status of the student involved in the seclusion or restraint and shall ascertain and maintain documentation as to whether or not such events were consistent with or contraindicated due to the student’s psychiatric, medical, or physical condition(s).

  5. The Superintendent or designee shall notify the parent/legal guardian of the subject student of the situation and the event of the restraint or seclusion via telephone and provide the parent/legal guardian with the name and telephone contact information of the building principal where the parent/legal guardian may obtain additional information regarding the event.
  6. The Superintendent or designee shall provide the parent/legal guardian of the student with written notice of the event of restraint or seclusion of their student.

  7.  The Superintendent's office shall maintain documentation as to the events of restraint and seclusion and shall prepare all necessary reports to legal entities upon whom such reports are or may become due pursuant to State and federal regulations.