5159.30 | Training of School Personnel

All training and procedural responsibilities regarding restraint and seclusion will follow the guidelines stated in Public Law 106-310 [The Children’s Health Act of 2000, Section 595 (b) (2) (b)]. 

As part of the training and preparation for the certificated administrator, certificated teacher, and in-building classified employee of the District, the following shall occur: 

  1. Training of personnel as to proper situations and events leading to student seclusion and intervention, including possible preventative alternatives to seclusion and restraint, safe physical escort, de-escalation of student crisis situations, and positive behavioral intervention techniques and supports;
  2. Training of personnel in crisis/conflict management and emergency situations which may occur in the school setting, including examples and demonstrations of proper activities and techniques and trainers observing employee use of proper activities and techniques in the training setting;
  3. Techniques to utilize to limit the possibility of injury to the student, the employee and any other third party in the area;
  4. Information as to the school’s student seclusion areas in each respective school building to which the employee is assigned;
  5. Training of personnel must be completed through an approved program;
  6. Employee must provide current certification of completion of the program to the Human Resources office to be placed in their personnel file; and
  7. Provision of the employee with a copy of this policy.

If any employee has not yet undergone training and a situation necessitating student restraint or seclusion occurs, and another properly trained employee of the District is present at the event, the properly trained employee shall take the lead in addressing the student crisis. (Approved 5/15/19)