6041.00 | Student Assessment

The Board recognizes the importance of maintaining an assessment system that continuously evaluates student learning and links curricular, professional development, and budgetary decisions directly to the need for high student performance. Based on student assessment information, teachers and administrators work together to design and implement strategies to meet the needs of individual students as well as the District's overall goals for student achievement. Student assessment data helps to explain how students are performing in relation to the Idaho Content Standards. (3-25-08)

State assessments are administered according to state guidelines and provide benchmarks for students, teachers, and parents. Other assessments are administered on an ongoing basis to enable teachers to monitor the progress of each student and adjust instruction as appropriate. Assessments are in alignment with the Idaho Content Standards as outlined in the District's curriculum guide. Assessment data is reviewed throughout the school year and from year to year. Student progress and resource needs are reported to the District Curriculum and Assessment Committee, the Administrative Council, and the Board. (3-25-08)