6275.50 | Long Term Homebound Students

Students in long term homebound status for periods exceeding thirty (30) days will be required to have periodic physician authentication of the continued requirement for homebound instruction documented on the form Physician's Statement of Illness, Accident or Unusual Disabling Condition for Homebound Instruction. (See Forms, Section VI)Exceptions may be made in cases where physicians certify that a physical illness, accident or unusual disabling condition preventing school attendance is predictably of long term duration. In those cases where students in homebound status choose to not complete assigned activities or school work and/or continue to be unavailable to the homebound teacher at appointed instructional times (malingering), the student may be terminated from homebound status. For students beyond the age of fifteen (15) years, termination of homebound status may coincide with release from public school enrollment. Prior notice of possible termination will be given to the student and the student's parents/guardians a reasonable amount of time before services are terminated. (2-27-01)