6330.00 | Public Charter School Revisions

A public charter school may submit to the Board a reasonable request to revise its charter with the District, as authorized by Section 33-5209 (1), Idaho Code, and State Board of Education 08.02.04 - Rules Governing Public Charter Schools, Sections 302.01 through 302.05 - Charter Revisions.

A revision of the terms of the charter petition shall require the approval of the Board and the public charter school's board of directors.

A charter for a public charter school approved by the board of trustees of a local school district may be transferred to, and placed under the chartering authority of, the Public Charter School Commission if the board of trustees of such local school district, the Public Charter School Commission, and the board of directors of the public charter school all agree to such transfer, including any revision to the charter that may be required in connection with such transfer. The same applies for transferring a charter school from the Commission to the district. A request to transfer a charter may be initiated by the board of directors of a public charter school or by the authorized chartering entity with chartering authority over the charter of such public charter school. (6-24-08)