6335.00 | Development of a Public Charter School Contract

The Board delegates to the Superintendent or designee the development of a public charter school contract through negotiations with the representative(s) of the applicant. The negotiated contract requires the approval of the Board and of the public charter school's board of directors. (SeeForms, Section VI)

A Board contract with a public charter school shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. the duration of the contract;
  2. the original petition and any subsequent changes or revisions agreed upon by both parties;
  3. all agreements including, but not limited to, service contracts and the release of the public charter school from any specified Board policies;
  4. a description of the requirements of the annual audit;
  5. a description of assessment procedures to be followed during the review of the activities of the public charter school;
  6. a description of the provisions for the dual enrollment of students in the public charter school and a District school;
  7. a description of the special education services to be provided by the public charter school;
  8. a description of all documents to be provided prior to the signing of the contract. (2-27-01)